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Drones give a perspective like no other camera can

FAA RI & MA drone photos video

Today's drone are very safe and secure. You can capture views and locations with photos or video. Add a cinematic feel to your listing's video with sweeping views of the area and a dramatic entry to the property and home.

Your pilot and drone have been certified and registered with the FAA, respectively.                      FAA RI & MA drone photos video


We know you have a budget. Sometimes your listing requires some things but your finances ahev you limited. Order photos or floor plans and get 20% off drone photo or video. 

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Drone photos are beautiful!! Werarely get to see our surrounding from 300+ feet in the air. Whether it’s ocean, lake, river, bridge, or city, nothing captivates like the view from a drone.


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Some statistics

      •   The best way to show a property with scenic value – It’s hard to see how beautiful the surrounding forest is without an aerial view;)

  • Perspective is everything – If you wish to convey a specific, unique, perspective, still frame photographs from your iPhone won’t pull it off.
  • Better brand marketing leads to more lead generation – This is a huge reason to use drone photos. You must market your real estate agent brand with everything you do.
  • Aerial photos are Perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – Classic photos are usual. The uniqueness of aerial photography and drone videos have become the most shared on social media.
  • Showcases a whole neighborhood –It’s not just for mansions, buyers want to see the entire neighborhood. The Beach, restaurants, stores, schools, if they’re within walking distance, a drone can show that.