All Hi Resolution
$ 30 per Room**
  • Interior/Exterior
  • $150 Minimum
  • 25 Photos $100
  • Lux Photo Package $250
  • Digital Staging starting at $30/ perspective (Completely furnished/decorated)
  • Rooms** - Bedrooms, Offices, Den, Library, Play Room, Gym, Sunroom, Formal Living, etc
  • Example: House with 10 Rooms - 7 Rooms Billed.

Floor Plans

*FREE Virtual Tour*
$ 110 per 1,000 sqft
  • All major dimensions
  • Square Footage
  • Not sure your square footage? In Rhode Island go to (c&p)
  • In Massachusetts go to (c&p)
  • *Look to Basic Virtual Tour*
Great valiue


$ 99 per Flight**
  • Hi Resolution Photos
  • Easy to read markers when necessary
  • FAA Llicensed
  • 20% OFF with Photos/Floor Plans
  • 50% Off with 3D Virtual Tour


Drone or Interior
$ 175 Up to 3 minutes (Drone)
  • Hi Quality 4k/ 2k Video
  • Captivating
  • Increase time on your Listing or Website
  • 20% OFF with Photos/Floor Plans
  • 50% Off with 3D Virtual Tour

Rental Package

Photos/ Floor Plans/ 360º Photos
  • Photography 15-20 Photos $75
  • 25 photos $100
  • Virtual Tour(Includes Floor Plan) 15-20 Photos, 1 Pano per Room - $0.125/ SqFt.

3D Virtual Tours

All iGuide™ Virtual 3-D Tours come with weekly analytics reports, very easy Editing page, and the ability to Tag important features for further description, links, or extra photos.

Estimates are based on the MLS recorded living area. Price is based on the documented living area as determined by the iGuide system. Please refer to sellers regarding any interior improvements or additions. ICON Digital Plans is not responsible for previously undocumented interior living space that it documents currently. All rates apply. 

** Unpaid invoices incur a Fifty dollar ($50) fee on the 31st day. $50 additional after 45 days of receipt of invoice. 

Photos are kept for 1 year. It is recommended you download your listing’s photos immediately upon receipt.