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How do you market a yacht or home in a unique and user friendly way?

Helping your clients to understand your property can be difficult.... Especially over the phone!  Pictures are great but don't answer questions regarding the home's layout.  ICON Digital Plans offers a tool that can answer the questions people want to know.

An Interactive Floor or Deck Plan is a tool combining a floor plan with Pop-Up photography.  We laser measure and custom draft a floor plan of your property.  Our professional photographer will take photos during the same visit (weather permitting).  Using our proprietary software, we then combine these two to create the Interactive Floor Plan.  Use this to sell your property or yacht.  This tool is great for rentals and charters too.  We add all major furnishings and appliances.  Our floor plans are dynamic and colorful.  We can add all dimensions - lengths, widths,  and square footage/ meters.  We can get the length and area of your pool.  We ALSO do exterior renderings if needed.

Our time on site is quick!... Averaging 1 hour per 1,000 square feet.  We'll be gone before your guests arrive that afternoon. As for yachts, please contact us for more information.  We have a affordable rates...Pricing

ATTENTION BROKERS - Please inquire about our Broker Savings program.

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